Friday, June 22, 2007

yay heroes!

So this is officially the most neglected blog in the blogosphere . . . but here's to trying to revive it! Chris and I returned from Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this week and a good time was had by all. Chris stayed busy sketching all weekend and we almost broke even on the trip! We met some of the loveliest folks around and it really appeared that everyone enjoyed themselves. Highlights included the massive detour off 40 in NC on the way back, a lovely stop at The Beef Jerky Outlet in Tennessee, lots and lots of biscuits and a half hour spent at (the seriously weird) Patti's 1880's Settlement, somewhere in Kentucky. I loves me a road trip!!! Heroes already has a great lineup for next year and we'll be there again - so start planning your trip now!

More lunch notes posting soon . . . for reals and no foolin's.

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